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The Cristiano Ronaldo Workout

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Marque (Star/Thème) : Cristiano Ronaldo
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Cristiano has a lot going for him and is admired the world over. One of his most outstanding features though is his body, which more ripped and toned than perhaps any other footballer. This fact alone has seen him succeed as a cultural icon as well as a footballer and made him the envy of many men. The good news? You can get the exact same body! He's an incredibly talented and dedicated player, but there's nothing special about his body and by following the advice in this book to the letter YOU can get juts as ripped yourself and get the same benefits in all walks of your life. Inside is the diet plan, the training tips, the exercises and the state of mind you'll need to achieve this kind of body. This is advice that you won't find anywhere else made easy and simple to understand so that you can transform your body in 5-12 months. Buying this book is the first step to getting Ronaldo's body. The rest? That's up to you.
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