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Priyanka Chopra - The Unauthorized Biography: Now With Pictures - The Saucy And Uncensored Biography Of Bollywoods Most Successful Star (english Edition)

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Marque (Star/Thème) : Priyanka Chopra
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Take a look at the hottest world celebrity currently being talked about. The definitive Priyanka Chopra biography is here and it does not pull any punches in delving into the details of her life. Read on to discover details you would have scarcely known. This book is the "FUN"authorized biography of Priyanka's life. We look at her evolution from being an also ran to the reigning queen bee of the industry. Priyanka has transformed from being a B lister to being a certified A grade hottie. Find out the exact moment when that happened. Read on to find out Priyanka's juicy romantic affairs. She has never discussed this in public and this is the only place you will get to read up about them.

* Find out about the affair that almost ended her career and rocked Bollywood to its very core.

* Find out which Bollywood star's marriage was brought into jeopardy by Priyanka and find out what horrific aftershocks it caused to her own career.

* Read about how Priyanka cracked the Hollywood code and made it in the most cutthroat film industry ever seen.

* Find out which were Priyanka's hottest ever movie songs and why exactly she was so hot in each of them.

* Learn about Priyanka's early life and the signs which pointed to her being a superstar before she even started modeling

* Find out the serendipitous course of events which led to Priyanka becoming a Miss India contestant and eventually becoming Miss World

* Find out what was the big goof-up made by Priyanka in the Miss World 2000 competition and how she recovered from it to be crowned Miss World

Priyanka Chopra - this hot celeb is the talk of town recently. The hot Bollywood actress has recently made her move into Hollywood and has been the talk of town there too. A versatile actress, singer, writer and philanthropist her recent achievement might have overshadowed how much she has achieved at such a young age. Starting from becoming Miss World at the tender age of 18 in 2000 to becoming one of India's biggest movie stars the journey has not been easy for Priyanka. In between she has had her share of triumphs, tragedies and all the ups and downs associated with an epic story.

Read this book to find out all about Priyanka Chopra. Right from her early life to becoming Miss World to her present day career we explore it all. Her rich filmography, discography and the long retinue of awards received by her are also examined in detail. Apart from her biography, we will delve into the juicy details of Priyanka's life which are seldom talked about by her in public. Her romantic liaisons and the various controversies that she has courted over her long career will be looked into in detail.
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